Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life is good... wait, no it's great!

Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. Michael decided not to take the job at the jail. We had both prayed that God's will would be made clear to us regarding that decision and neither one of us felt comfortable with that job so it was nice that God made it an easy decision.

I turned the big 3-0 last week. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as people make it out to be. My sister kept asking me how does it feel to be 30 and my response was "Same as it felt to be 29". Maybe it would have been harder if I weren't so happy with where I am in life but I love my husband and I love my kids so I couldn't really ask for anything more. On my actual birthday we went to my mom's house for dinner and Michael let me know that he had made arrangements for his mom to come over on Fri to watch the kids so we could go out. He even made reservations. In the 12 years that we've been together, he's never been the one to make the dinner plans or arrange for childcare so that was a huge surprise. My present from my mom was money to use to get my hair done. I ended up cutting off over 6 inches. I was really happy with how it turned out. We decided to get all dressed up and even remembered to take a picture before we left for dinner.


We had a great time.

School's still going great with the kiddos. Keaton and Gage are really enjoying their school and Aubrie, of course, is amazing us everyday with all the info she absorbs. Did I tell you guys she's in 5th grade math this year. I'm still in shock over that one (not sure where she got the math gene from, definitely not me or Michael). Kenlie's talking is really improving, too. The other day Michael got out of the shower and realized he'd left his towel in the bedroom so he sent Kenlie to get me. She came up to me and asked me where Daddy's towel was and I said "Doesn't he have it?" and she said "No, it's lost". It's always shocking when you first realize you're having a real conversation with a 2yo, lol. Carys got her first tooth. It's hasn't come through enough to get a pic of but I'll be sure to post one when you can see it really well. Don't be deceived, just because you can't see it doesn't mean we can't feel it. I've moved from just being a human pacifier to a human teething ring (didn't I mention not wanting that job title?).

BTW, I'm sure you noticed but I've given up on trying to keep our anonymity on the web. It's just way too tiring to remember to type "A" or "K" or whatever for whomever I'm referring to (I can barely remember to call them by the right names when I'm actually talking to them, not to mention when I'm creating pseudonyms).


mom2many said...

I didn't realize you were friends are getting old!! That picture is great. You look so pretty! Someone the other day told me you were gorgeous. Can't remember who...And yes...using the "s" and "j" is a pain...I will quit as soon as I can legally! See ya!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 3-0 club! You look absolutely amazing. I love reading how your family is doing. You guys don't feel so far away now.

Prison Teacher said... too. Working at the jail can be a real pain. I can't blame you all for not taking it. I've been teaching in a prison for three years now. In that short time so many things have happened. I know it has changed my personality for the worse.

Spending more waking hours with "crimals" than with my wife and kids wears me down. But, besides all the gruesome things that are in my head...there sure is job security. But, believe soon as I finish my Master's Degree and get my administrator's license I am off to some school to be an Assistant Principal. When the interviewer asks about disciplining kids....LOL!

Sorry for the comment hijack!