Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Daddy" is going to jail.

Gotcha!! Well, he is but not in the way you thought, lol. He has an interview with the Sheriff's department today to see about a job with the county jail. I'm not so sure how I feel about that one. I asked him if getting shived falls under workerman's comp. I wonder if he'll pass my question on during the interview.

"C" started solids today. We normally wait until 8 or 9 months to start them but she was definitely ready for them (she'll be 7 months next week). "The Daddy" has been thinking she was ready for quite a while now because she stares you down when you're eating a hamburger. We decided it would be best to start with applesauce and slowly ease her into them rather than giving her a Big Mac right off the bat (she didn't get a vote).

Big girl in her chair

First bite

Too full, can't eat anymore


rltrldy said...

she really looks like keaton in the first pic!


The Mama said...

Love the pics! I laughed out loud at the big mac comment!